urban folk music project was established in 2007 with it's first project, urbanfolksunshine, by khalil anthony, produced by paris king, jamie arrendondo, jeff drudge (oak, ca).

in 2013, urban folk music project teamed up with malik ameer crumpler (nyc) /(satori ideas) and created khalil anthony's 2nd studio project, train.

remixes from train, by thatmanmonkz (sheffield, uk), established khalil anthony as an international artist. 

follow up releases with damon bell (oak, ca/berlin) continue to showcase anthony's immense talents and reach.

when the one and only Jimpster remixed 'Take U 2 My House', a whole new world of house music fans learned of anthony's talent. Follow-up collaboration w/ Jimpster created the smash hit, 'Where You Are.'

working with his nephew m'kai yi rising, produced one of khalil anthony's most favorite songs, LOVELY.

a new collaboration with marcel vogel continues to push the envelope of anthony's writing and vocal reach. from this top-notch collab, 2 amazing ep's were birthed, 'dance the blues' and 'brown curls'.

as a member of wood//work collective, based in berlin, anthony along with damon bell, afrikan sciences and the neighborhood character join forces to create a collective, (wood//work), and an opus, creatively named iyapo.

with a new band name, JUNEBUG is born... KhalilAnthony + Champagne are Khalil Anthony Peebles & Malik Ameer Crumpler. Their new album, JUNEBUG, available June 8, 2018, (in honor of Prince's Birthday, 7 June), embraces Prince's funky influence on their music & lives. Written in Berlin, mixed in NYC, mastered in London, produced and recorded in Paris, Junebug is a global collaboration between musicians and poets.

An international banger with Jamie Trench, "What Was Missing EP', with remixes by Seb Zito has Khalil moving quickly into the next phase of his career.

ric kí kicks off 2019, a collaboration with long time musical genius Damon Bell is a cosmic ancestral throwback. A yearning and a call toward a new landscape of love. Sweet sounds for a future soul groove. all in anticipation of Watusi due late April 2019.


videos below:

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