a collection of a few of my short films and music videos

cowboy's girl

when karina, a successful writer/professor, goes to see her estranged, dying father, she must decide if she is willing to sacrifice her family to get the answers to burning questions that have haunted her life...

cowboy's girl examines a daughters relationship with her estranged father and encourages all of us to view our parents with a different lens, forgiving them and in turn liberating ourselves.



originally known as no instruments needed, gabrielanthony is a two man music machine creating innovative beats, eclectic noise, found sounds, and progressive music, without the need of any instrument that is not made up of their collective body.


that queer party

that queer party seeks to create a space that promotes love, beauty, good music, outstanding artistic presentation and purposeful interaction. we intend to conjure magic within our parties and events with a commitment to producing queer art and progressive programming joined with interactive fun. the vision is to promote, investigate, share and expand the trajectory of queer people of color and our collective culture, as experienced by queer people of color, around the globe and beyond.


a play that is a reality tv show and an app.

(more to come0


wood // work


“Steady growth and strength; roots to limbs and branches, may we leave our mark with each changing season.”
-Father Sciences

Wood Work is an intersectional, non-binary / queer collective which communicates through diverse forms of creative expression.

As a collective spirit recognizing the need for unity in black genius- we strive to express the diasporic continuum by channeling the world’s beauty and wisdom via music, the arts, and beyond.

Wood Work was conceived with the purpose to create alternative avenues for socio-cultural mobility, professional self-empowerment, and transnational interchange in creative industries.

#Inclusion #mutualconnection #selfexpression



Implications of Giovanni’s Room on Black Boy Queer Identity

Khalil Anthony Peebles presentation at the James Baldwin Conference at the American University of Paris. "A Language To Dwell In." This beautifully crafted film articulates Anthony's relationship with James Baldwin's 'Giovanni's Room in 8 phases, consciously beginning with a "PRINCE ROGERS NELSON" mantra said 7 times, under a purple hue. "Implications" is a well mastered analysis of how Khalil's understanding of his own sexuality is and is not defined by the main characters, David and Giovanni, in Baldwin's novel. "Implications" is an interdisciplinary masterpiece, as Anthony weaves together a succinct and lovely narrative of his innate similarities between himself and the main characters of "Giovanni's Room,' and shares his own limitations in relationship to our unique journeys into a queer identity. A Black Boy Queer Identity is a construct, creation made in congruency with the highest vibration of self. Within this commitment to self identify and "represent" we Black Queer Boys dance within a particular phrase like a Baldwin, or a Rogers Nelson. This film presents a space to gather, shake, dance, cry, and testify.... Are you #teamdavid or #teamgiovanni #giovannisroom #jamesbaldwin #khalilanthonypeebles


the longest line in berlin

A 6-part audio series, Anthony Dwight Peebles brings to life the character Frederic Leon. This time we find Frederic in Europe living his best life. As our primary protaganist, we take vicarious journeys into nightime clubland Berlin. Gritty, brutal and occassionally uncomfortable, Frederic takes us onto the unrestricted  autobahn.