every image i (draw/paint/sketch/scribble/make) is of my female ancestors. i call these images (re)birth of a nation. i do not know the names of these women and i don’t know where they come from geographically. what i do know is that each woman has a purpose and an intention. love. initially created out of scribbles on notebooks, these women provide a window into my past by presenting themselves as deities in my present. i use the images for protection and guidance, a kind of muse for my life and my work. they sing to me and dance for the world in a multitude of choreography. My innate connection to each image helps formulate varying forms of consciousness and unconsciousness, as i travel through the multi-verse. in between the here and the now, (re)birth of a nation exists. a call to arms, a sweet song of love and honor for whence i have come. a response to the call, (re)birth of a nation is my family.


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